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aung aung taik

About Aung Aung Taik: Born in Rangoon, Burma in 1948, the Burmese artist Aung Aung Taik, received the traditional boarding school education of his class, after which he decided not to follow his father’s footsteps and enter medical school, but to study painting.  He attended the State Academy of Art in Rangoon and took private lessons from two of Burma’s leading artists, U Ba Kyi and U Ngwe Gaing.  Afterwards, he accompanied his mentors, the writers Ludu U Hla and Daw Ahmar on a number of anthropological expeditions into the remote regions of Burma. Aung Aung Taik illustrated a series of books published by Ludu U Hla.   Successful exhibitions of his work in Burma and Japan followed.  Dissatisfied with stagnation in the fine arts and seeking greater artistic autonomy, Aung Aung Taik left Burma and came to the United States in 1972 and continued his studies at the San Francisco Art Institute.

The people of my native Burma continue to suffer from the devastation of cyclone Nargis. A large community of my colleagues; artists, performers and writers, are putting concerted efforts into helping the victims suffering from the after effects of the storm with food, clothing and medicine. They have accomplished much with very few funds. Many people in Rangoon and the delta areas are still facing immense difficulties caused by the storm. 

As a response to the many requests of my loving and concerned friends, here in the US, I have established a more formal organization to receive contributions to support my people. After 30 years of absence, I returned to Burma in 2001. Since then, through my annual visits, I’ve established relationships with many artists.

I observed that, but for a few, everyone is struggling.  Not the kind ofstruggle to become an artist but literally a struggle to survive. Most impressive to me is how my colleagues still manage to produce their art and present it to the public.  As there is no substantial art market, they do it out of pure devotion. 

To date, I’ve delivered art books, magazines, supplies, videos, clothing and financial assistance for the construction of the Santiniketan Library. My loving friends have been a major support in this caring effort. This continued through my successful photo exhibition last February 2008 from which all proceeds went to the artists in Burma.

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